Personal Fitness Training

Build Your Best Body Ever!

One-on-one training sessions can make the difference in achieving your personal fitness goals, and my primary ambition is to make certain that you do!

With over twenty years of experience as a certified personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor, as well as thirty-plus years working out in varied gym and health club environments, I’m uniquely qualified to guide you to optimum health, your desired body composition, and looking and feeling your best. Your goals, wishes and requirements are my first and highest priority.

As we work together, you’ll always benefit from my extensive, always-growing knowledge and educational base of:

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Motivational and Inspirational Skills
  • Age-Related Health Issues
  • Proper Form
  • The Right Exercise Options for Your Specific Fitness Goals
  • And More!

Each of my fifty-five minute personal fitness training sessions is specifically designed to meet your individual goals. We’ll use free weights, weight stack machines, cables and a wide variety of other fitness equipment to create the very best program—just for you!


I believe in open communication and a collaborative training relationship, so throughout our time together I’ll always encourage you to ask any and all questions about your workout. I want to hear your concerns and ideas about your fitness goals, whether it’s just for today’s workout or for the future.

Getting Started

Our relationship will always start off with a complimentary fitness evaluation. Because it can affect how we train together, we’ll begin by going over your health history and the prescription drugs and supplements that you’re taking. As with any personal information that you share with me throughout our partnership, whatever we discuss will remain private and confidential.

We’ll also talk about your goals and perceived body image. I will give you honest, unbiased and sensitive feedback about the image you hold of yourself versus the one that I see as your fitness professional. I’ll then offer suggestions to move you consistently and realistically towards an enduring, positive self image and optimum health and well being.

When we’re finished, I’ll develop and propose a unique workout plan tailored to your personal goals. I’ll coach you and challenge you, as together we create the change you seek in your life.

With perseverance and dedication anything is possible! Let me help you build your most healthy and robust you!



Photography by Jim Cox

Build Your Best Body Ever!

Training Packages
I am pleased to offer a variety of personal fitness training options to best meet your needs.

Choose from as few as ten sessions to be completed within thirty days, to as many as 100 sessions to be completed within twelve months. You may also choose any combination between ten and 100 sessions in multiples of ten, with varied completion dates.

I accept cash and checks for payment, as well as the following credit cards:

Tune Up & Go!
Whether you’re a fitness buff or a beginning exerciser, get direction and new life pumped into your workout with my three, four or five-day Tune Up and Go! packages. Includes everything you need to get up and running in the right direction towards your best body ever!
NEW: Private & Small Group G-Force Workout!
If you have wanted to participate in my G-Force Workout, but have yet to join us because you desire an individual or smaller group setting for reaching your fitness goals, this may be the option for you!

My perfect combination of cardio, strength and endurance training set to high energy music is now available as a private, one-on-one experience. You may also choose to workout with up to four of your friends. Consider this fun and invigorating small group option as an excellent opportunity to get in shape while also keeping your cost per session in a healthy state!

NEW: Train With A Buddy!
My Buddy Training packages are the way to go when you wish to choose my personal fitness training sessions but also want to save some of your hard earned bucks! By including a friend, spouse, partner or another gym member to share your workout session, you’ll experience every benefit of my private session packages along with the extra benefit of significant savings per session.

Train with a Buddy, Save Money. It’s a no-brainer!

NEW: Tune Up & Go…From the Quick Lane!
Created with your busy schedule in mind, my Quick Lane Three-Hour Fitness & Training Consultation is an excellent choice should you need to either kick start or finely tune your workouts—and do so in less time! With all the benefits of my five-day Tune Up & Go package—and created with your unique fitness goals as my first priority—this one-day, seminar-style option is packed with the information you need to maximize results from your gym time efforts!

A fitness evaluation, nutritional guidance, exercise options, proper form and motivational techniques are all part of your Quick Lane experience. So, get ready. Start your engines. And Let’s GO!

I train at Palm Springs’ premier fitness center, World Gym Palm Springs.