Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition is crucial to reaching your individual fitness goals, and I’m here to help guide you through the maze of information that’s available about it.

The word diet is actually neutral, neither positive nor negative in its meaning. In fact, our diet is nothing more than the food that we ingest each day. It’s when we embark upon dieting that most of us get into trouble!

Nowadays we’re bombarded with messages about dieting fads which promise easy and dramatic weight loss or a perfect body and a happy, healthier life. In my opinion and experience, dieting simply doesn’t work! Most diet programs are just ways to sell you things that you really don’t need or to put you on an eating plan that sets you up for failure. I tell my clients to never diet! Instead, feed yourself properly—and often—to achieve your physical fitness goals.

Whether you’re a personal fitness training client, a G-Force Workout class participant, a gym member or just a reader of my blog, you may always trust in and have access to my nutritional knowledge base and experience.

As an avid and eager home chef, I love to cook. I also love to eat! My real-life experience with eating and proper nutrition coupled with over thirty years of both cooking and nutrition classes makes me happy to share my knowledge with each of you.

As a personal training client, your sessions with me will include ongoing nutritional guidance and suggestions, all based on your unique fitness goals and desires. As one of my web site visitors, G-Force Workout crew members, long-term friends or as someone whom I have yet to meet, I am always available to answer your questions and offer advice and suggestions.

I encourage you to ask questions through my site and to make comments about my blog entries. Feel free to be honest and specific! There is nothing taboo when it comes to your fitness goals, challenges, desires and experiences.

Food, proper nutrition, meal preparation, and health- and medical-related nutritional programs all have an emotional impact on our daily lives. I do not believe in starvation, deprivation or prevarication when it comes to selecting the foods which help us attain our goals and achieve optimum health and happiness. What I do believe is that food is meant to be enjoyed and to heartily sustain and nurture us throughout our lifetimes.

I intend to help you reveal and dispel the untruths that diet promoters would very much like to sell you to fatten their own wallets (and eventually, for so many of us, our own waist lines). I will encourage you to eat, to love what you eat, and—believe it or not—to eat more, as well as more often!

I want you to have a healthy and robust life. Fully enjoying the bounty that this earth provides us is the key, not only to your fitness goals, but also to your happiness. So stay in touch, check back often, and ask any questions or share any experiences concerning nutrition and fitness. I will make sure to comment and help guide you in any way possible.

I want to make sure that the words food and eat and nutrition all have positive connotations for you from now on… and, hopefully, that you may someday totally forget the word diet. As the song says, “Food! Glorious FOOD!” Believe it with me, won’t you? It’s true!