Motivation and Inspiration

As a trainer, coach and business owner, clients and friends ask me every day about how to stay motivated to achieve their fitness and life goals. They also ask about who inspires me. I’m always eager to talk about both!

I urge you to visit my blog here at—and to visit often! It’s where you’ll find moving stories and interviews with some of the fascinating, intriguing and provocative people that I have had the good fortune to meet throughout my life’s journey.

Together, we’ll find out what past and present experiences, unique skills and exercise options come into play for them in their own quests toward living happy and healthy lives. I know that you will find these special interviews with these extraordinary people to be interesting. My hope is that their stories will also serve as sources of inspiration, renewal and encouragement to continue on in a positive and exciting direction toward your own life goals and desires!

I’ll also include exercise tips and suggestions from a variety of sources, venues and people—including me—to ensure that your workouts are always fresh, attractive and results-oriented and that you stay motivated and on track for the long term! I’ll include links to my favorite health and fitness resources, as well as illustrated and video presentations about exercise techniques, proper form, nutrition, body composition, strength and endurance, and motivational and time management skills.

Of course, none of this information would be complete without our dialogue. You’ll be able to ask me questions about anything that I present and I’ll be happy to answer you with my sincere and best suggestions about how to create the best ‘you’ ever. As always, I’m committed to helping you achieve optimum health and a fit, happy and robust life!