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Meet Kelly Lewallen: A New Approach To A Healthy Relationship With Food & Our Bodies!

Kelly Lewallen has been working in the field of eating disorders, especially eating compulsivity and obesity first as a nutritionist in 1983 and again as a psychotherapist since 1997. She believes in a unique approach to alter our relationship with food and our bodies, using current brain science as the basis for her work with clients. If you are tired of unhealthy yo-yo effects of dieting, the answers may be close at hand. Utilizing the current knowledge of how our brains respond to food and starvation, the value of ‘enjoyable’ exercise, both for our bodies and our brains, Kelly educates her clients and helps them understand what works for them, long term.

Kelly earned her Nutritional Sciences degree from the University of Washington. She then went on to earn her Masters degree in Psychology at Chapman University in 1997. She is passionate about helping her clients overcome obesity and eating compulsivity! It is estimated that dieting fails 95% of dieters. Hence, Kelly tailors her work to the individual and their relationships, traumas, beliefs and behaviors around food and eating.

With her client’s relationship with food as her focus, Kelly begins with ‘mindfulness’ training in regards to food and awareness of our bodies. She also treats those with traumas related to food and body identity, using EMDR, a scientifically valid and purposeful treatment for traumas. Family issues, control issues, behavioral changes and utilization of tools clients may use to address eating compulsivity and obesity/weight issues are all examined and employed in this very important, life changing therapy. Kelly’s favorite motto is: “You didn’t fail your diet. Your diet failed you.”

I urge you to register for Kelly’s upcoming workshop, A New Approach To A Healthy Relationship With Food & Our Bodies. Wednesdays, 5:30PM-7:30PM, starting September 12, 2012. The cost is just $220. and dinner is included! Call Kelly at 760-777-7720 or email her at to register for this exciting and healthy opportunity in your life, to break the cycle of diets that fail you, to feel good in your body.

I heartily recommend Kelly Lewallen and know first hand the benefits of her amazing therapy! Please feel free to call or email me for further information as well.  My Very Best To You…Live Robustly and Beautifully, Happily and Healthy!  Ted


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