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Going Gluten Free To Lose That Gut & Feel Better? Think Again!

imageAs a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor….I hear everyday a story or two about the new ‘gluten free fad’ and gluten intolerance. Celiac Disease is very serious and very real…in less than 1% of the population. Gluten intolerance, as per the feedback and stories I hear from clients and friends everyday seems more of a knee jerk reaction to…and most likely an excuse for….eating larger and larger portions of over refined and too simple carbohydrates.  They are constantly pushed on us by restaurants, food makers and distributors/markets. We want to blame that ever expanding waistline on gluten intolerance…rather than portion control and choosing the right carbohydrates to fuel our bodies.  But what can we do, right?  Well…for starters…we can push back with common sense and better choices.  We can quit buying into the latest fad, the diet seller who also sells you their products, the current quick fixes that just aren’t a long term and healthy way to fix anything…except the seller’s profit margins!Nutrition2


Make no mistake…we need both simple and complex carbs! They are our fuel and our bodies will not work at their highest and best without them. What we need is mindful choices and portion control. NOT diets! Rather…thoughtful, factual, mindful, common sense information and actions in the way we eat and nourish our bodies. Scare tactics sell products for the diet and, sadly…for the so called health and fitness industry that I am a part of. Gluten intolerance smacks of the latest hoax to be perpetrated on the populace.  Click on the link below and think again about your gluten intake or lack thereof.  You may find you’re not gluten intolerant at all.  As a matter of fact…I hope you do!

It Might Not Be Gluten!  (Written by Alanna Ketler)

Keep it simple, folks! The magic answer is….there is no magic answer. And no quick fix like the diet promoters want you to buy from them. Feed yourself properly and with common fact based sense…exercise more. That’s it!

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