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Get T.U.F.! With A Buddy…It’s ‘Ted’s Ultimate Fitness’ Six Week Challenge!

New ServicesI want to challenge YOU!  And I want to do so with an incredible fitness blast and an equally incredible deal that will keep both your body…and your wallet…in excellent shape.  In just six amazing, life transforming, fat burning, muscle building weeks…you and a buddy, or even two buddies…will be well on your way to the best shape of your life.  It’s ‘Ted’s Ultimate Fitness’ Challenge’!  Are you TUF enough?  I know you are!  Now, take this opportunity to know it for yourself.  Here is how we do it:Personal Training Photo 8

  • We work together, transforming your body and your self image into healthier states of living!  Each of your sessions lasts approximately 55 minutes.  And we do it five times per week for six weeks.  That’s thirty incredible workouts! I’ll help you discard old ideas about yourself, building a strong and lasting fitness foundation that will keep you going in the right direction… your new body strong and fit for a lifetime!
  • Each workout begins with 15 minutes of high intensity, fat burning, blood pumping, heart pounding cardio interval training…the BEST way to burn that stubborn belly fat that just doesn’t seem to go away with your current cardiovascular exercise program.  It works!  I’ll show you!
  • We will then move to the main gym floor, where you will work one muscle group for 40 minutes.  You will seamlessly move through four to five exercises focusing one day on chest, the next on back, the third on shoulders, followed on the fourth with arms and ending on the fifth day with legs.
  • With your specific goals and desires always first and foremost, each of your workouts is specifically tailored to achieve and succeed in attaining your best body ever…for the short term and for a lifetime!
  • You’ll receive common sense, realistic and do-able nutritional guidance every step of the way…to help you keep focused and on track for the other 23 hours a day you are out there living and loving your life and your new hot body!  Looking, feeling, knowing you are the best you can be!
  • You will receive your initial consultation with my compliments. We’ll discuss your specific goals, take a brief but thorough health history, evaluate your current fitness level, then end the session with specific, clear and goal oriented instructions heading into your first workout with me on the cardio deck and gym floor. You’re ready now….let’s go!
  • You can train one on one, with a buddy…and even two buddies….to keep you motivated, inspired and your wallet as fit and fine as your new body!
  • Do the math!  Here’s the deal…  6 weeks.  30 sessions.  All at an unbeatable rate!

Train solo:     $995.Personal Training Photo 2

Train with a buddy:     $1495.

Train with 2 buddies:     $1795.




  • Both morning and afternoon sessions are available.  Space is limited…so reserve your spot as soon as possible and be on your way to your best body ever!  Call/Text/VM to 831-236-6656 or email to

Get T.U.F. with ‘Ted’s Ultimate Fitness’ Six Week Challenge!  

As always, thanks so much for being here with me at  Wishing you optimum health, fitness and happiness every single day.  I’ll see YOU…at the GYM!  Until then….

My Very Best To You!



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