G-Force Fitness Classes At World Gym Palm Springs

Palm Springs G-Force Fitness Class Just a reminder – my G-Force workout classes are currently 3x a week: Tuesday 10am, Thursday 10am and Saturday 12pm sharp at World Gym Palm Springs. It’s peak of snowbird/tourist season. Space is limited and classes are often filling up! Those arriving early will be ensured of getting a Step, risers and a choice of weight-appropriate dumbbells for your G-Force fitness class session.

FYI: There’s an online calendar of World Gym classes in Palm Springs for reference.

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Ted GuicePersonal Fitness Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor in Palm Springs and beyond. Creator and owner of G-Force Workout'., my 45 minute fast paced, heart pumping, sweat inducing strength and endurance program. I train at World Gym Palm Springs! Motivational speaker, lending and giving you motivation and inspiration, training, helpful suggestions, tips and exercise programs to help you live a full, happy, healthy and robust life! TedView all posts by Ted Guice →

  1. julie

    Holy Smokes…….looks pretty hot !

    • Ted

      Hi Julie…great to see you here, my friend! Thank you for checking out my G-Force Workout at World Gym Palm Springs. Come on down and try it out some time soon. It’s Smokin’ HOT…just like you! Ted

  2. Paul Perrotta
    Paul Perrotta02-13-2012

    G-Force Workout is a fantastic workout. I love the fun music, there are great people in the class at all levels of fitness, and Ted varies the program so that it never becomes routine or dull. This class is as hard or as easy as you need it to be and Ted’s enthusiasm makes it all worthwhile. Great job, Ted!

    • Ted

      And you are a fantastic G-Force Workout Crew Member, Paul! You bring it every time…you give 100% effort…and your effort has paid off. Thanks for being a much valued part of G-Force Workout. I am lucky to have you as one of my most consistent and exemplary Crew Members and friends! Ted

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