DJ Serge Puis Goes LIVE At G-Force Workout!

Build the fire, feel the heat, make some serious sweat and bring your pump! Come to G-Force Workout and be a part of the most fun, fierce and friendly crew to ever hit a gym floor! You’ll meet the incredibly talented Serge Puis as he dishes up the best beats for us today and Thursday at 10:00AM, World Gym Palm Springs. Serge and his mixes are smokin’ hot, high and tight, and will take our workout to a new level. We’re going to have an awesome workout toady!

So,  get up, get ready and back away from the donuts. Do some carb-loading with a little oatmeal and just get there.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear and feel the amazing energy of Serge Puis, today and Thursday  at G-Force Workout!  Ted

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