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Get T.U.F.! With A Buddy…It’s ‘Ted’s Ultimate Fitness’ Six Week Challenge!

I want to challenge YOU!  And I want to do so with an incredible fitness blast and an equally incredible deal that will keep both your body…and your wallet…in excellent shape.  In just six amazing, life transforming, fat burning, muscle building weeks…you and a buddy, or even two buddies…will be well on your way to the best shape of your life.  It’s …

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The Ultimate Health & Fitness Secret….Revealed!

This is the best health and fitness tip I will ever be able to share with you! (It’s also the shortest blog post I will ever write.  You know me.)  It’s so very, very important… prior to lifting a weight, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, getting fit or doing anything else at all…that you know and know it by heart…this one ultimate …

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Scott Cullens….EXPOSED!

I hate Scott Cullens!  But…I love him!  No wait…I hate him!  No…that’s not right…I LOVE Scott Cullens!  I think I do anyway! Maybe it’s both?  Yep…let’s go with that ‘both’ option. First up?  Let the Hatin’ Begin! Let me just start by saying that there exist absolutely no valid reasons for hating a man like Scott Cullens…except for the reasons I am about …

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Fitness At 84 Amazing Years Lived. My Mom Never Gives Up!

 This is my Mom, Melody, in the picture below….and today is her 84th birthday.  (Happy Birthday Mom!  I wish I was there to celebrate your day with you, however, I want you to know that I have been thinking of you all week)  I believe she was all of 15, maybe 16 years old in the picture and about to marry …

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G-Force Workout 12

Palm Springs Personal Fitness Trainer, Ted Guice, Featured in!

Persoanl Fitness Trainer and Creator of Palm Springs’ extremely popular G-Force Workout! …It’s Ted Guice.  Ted is featured in April’s edition of one of the leading and largest, most respected Digital Travel Magazines on line today.  Explore more of your exciting and beautiful world of travel by following the links provided below!  And then? Go visit Ted Guice Fitness… on the web …

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