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Get T.U.F.! With A Buddy…It’s ‘Ted’s Ultimate Fitness’ Six Week Challenge!

I want to challenge YOU!  And I want to do so with an incredible fitness blast and an equally incredible deal that will keep both your body…and your wallet…in excellent shape.  In just six amazing, life transforming, fat burning, muscle building weeks…you and a buddy, or even two buddies…will be well on your way to the best shape of your life.  It’s …

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A Healthy Approach To Life & Art…Meet Artist Gib Maudey!

Through my work as a Personal Fitness Trainer, I have the opportunity and good fortune to meet new and unique people every single day.  It’s one of the very best perks of my job! One of those new and unique people I have recently had the pleasure of meeting at the gym is Artist Gib Maudey.  He’s a joy to be around, …

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Want a RocketBod? You want Rocket Fuel, Baby!

Not often, if ever actually, will you find me endorsing a nutritional product on my web site or blog…except my own!  My experience after about 40 years of tasting, testing and taking them to task…is that most nutritional supplements tend to over promise while under delivering.  Instead, I find myself endorsing people, places and things more often.  I have remained forever …

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Become A Critter! Ted Speaks With U.S. National Powerlifting Champ, William Gross

I recently had the great honor and pleasure of speaking with U.S. National Powerlifting Champion, William Gross!  This is one amazing mountain of a strong man who, at first glance, may appear a bit intimidating to some of us based on his sheer size alone.  But spend just a few moments in this gentle giant’s presence….and you’ll feel your heart …

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The Ultimate Health & Fitness Secret….Revealed!

This is the best health and fitness tip I will ever be able to share with you! (It’s also the shortest blog post I will ever write.  You know me.)  It’s so very, very important… prior to lifting a weight, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, getting fit or doing anything else at all…that you know and know it by heart…this one ultimate …

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